Thursday morning vigil service


More than 150 people attended the vigil service this morning commemorating the crash.

A bell was struck to remember each of the 9 people who sadly passed away as a result of the tragedy.

We thank those who made the early morning trip to the crash site.

A reminder, our official program can be found here for the rest of the weekend's activities and events. The garden will be officially opened on Sunday at 10am.

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Helping Hands

Bruce Cumming, Gary Abley, Member for Indi Cathy McGowan and Rob Cumming

Bruce Cumming, Gary Abley, Member for Indi Cathy McGowan and Rob Cumming


Member for Indi Cathy McGowan dropped in to see the progress on the commemoration gardens.

The Helping Hands garden is a way of signifying how people stepped forward to help each other, whether women or men, staff or passengers, whether voluntary or paid, or whether local or from far away.

Everyone did what they could.

Attending on the day information here

V/Line has donated Southern Aurora sleeper carriage

Great news to announce that VLine has donated a Southern Aurora sleeper Twinette carriage to our Memorial Gardens.

The VLine Board agreed recently to give it to the community. After transport, cleanup and initial restoration work can be arranged, the shiny stainless steel carriage will be a major feature in time for the events and formally 'launched,' along with the whole garden space near the Violet Town station on Sunday Feb 10.

For those who know about these things it is NAM 2337, built c1960 in Sydney, into service from 1962, a Twinette Sleeper Car, not involved in the collision.

DSC_5085NAM car_0001(c)BCumming 2018_04.JPG
Outline - NAM Twinette.JPG